3D Metal Wall Art Sculptures

If you want to buy the latest of the Backer’s art, you’ve come to the right place because we have a large collection of unique, fun metal art for you. We include free shipping on every piece we sell on this site.

The artwork is clean, fun, cut from steel, powder-coated and built to last.

When you buy Backer Art, you are buying copyrighted, patented and trademarked artwork.

Every single Backer metal wall art sculpture is a handcrafted piece. Our goal is to create the most distinctive artwork you can find to liven up your home.

Quality That Lasts

Our “Off the Wall Art” involves craftsmanship that seems to have fallen off course in a consumerist culture. The methods we employ assure unique pieces of art, with exceptional quality and durability, because we use a patented process and copyrighted designs.

The Backer’s artwork is precision cut with no welds or bends. They are 100% American-made with distinguished quality guaranteed or your money back.

A resilient powder coating prevents chipping or fading and the detail-oriented pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and include all hardware needed to hang the three-dimensional Backer “Art Off the Wall”. The pieces are predominantly black and look like wrought iron work; however, they are easy to paint, which can make your art even more unique.

All work is now held solely by the Backers who sell the artwork HERE on this website only. The pieces that we’ve sold are in homes, businesses and privately owned galleries around the world.

Find a piece of Off the Wall metal art that fits into your life and buy one today. Click this link to see all of the metal art collection or use the main menu to select the specific collection you are interested in.

The Art Off the Wall sculptures are designed for rooms in the home in which they’re going to hang: